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Posted: May 13, 2018

Monday, 14th May

Unicorn Daily Challenge

Gymnastic Strengthening (A)
30 Wall Walks (Video)
Not for time, but for quality. Move with a purpose, but not to the intensity where we loose mechanics.

Gymnastic Strengthening (B)
4 Giant Sets:

10 Horizontal Ring Rows (Video)
:10-:20s Ring Support Hold (Video)
Not looking to hold the support on the rings to failure, but rather to a challenging degree. Use band assistance as required to ensure we can accomplish at a minimum 10s per set. Rest as needed between sets, but aim to keep it below 90 seconds.

Neither parts are for score or time, but for quality.



:30 Seconds

Lateral Hops 
Push-up to Down Dog

Front to Back Hops 
Active Spidermans

Single Unders 
Active Samson

Double Under 

10 Seconds Overextended Jumps (No Rope) 
10 Seconds Stacked Jumps (No Rope)
15 Seconds Fast Single Unders 
15 Seconds Higher Single Unders 
15 Seconds Double Taps 
15 Seconds Double Under Practice


Establish Clean Receiving Position 
2 High Hang Power Cleans 
2 Hang Power Cleans 
2 Power Cleans

2 Strict Press 
2 Push Press 
Establish Jerk Receiving Position

4 Push Jerks

3 Clean and Jerks

Build to lighter weight


1 Round

3 Clean and Jerks 
5 Double Unders 
2 Clean and Jerks 
5 Double Unders 
1 Clean and Jerk 
5 Double Unders

Double Crossed

For Time:
Clean and Jerks (115/80)
30 Double Unders After Each Set

Athletes should choose a weight on the bar today that they are capable of completing 15+ unbroken clean and jerks when fresh. Within the workout, this should also be a weight that allows them to cycle the barbell for multiple repetitions each set. Following the clean and jerks, athletes will complete complete double unders or a double under variation. This equals a total of 300 repetitions if done prescribed. If this is a large cumulative number for athletes, we can think about brining the number down after each set, or competing 60 single unders.