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Posted: August 28, 2015

The Unmeasurable Benefits of Weightlifting


The Unmeasurable Benefits of Weightlifting

The sport of Olympic weightlifting has enjoyed amazing growth in recent years, largely attributable to CrossFit and the determination of its enthusiasts to master a broad range of disciplines.  The fever of this growth has spilled over to all ages, many are getting addicted to the satisfaction that is experienced after moving a heavy barbell quickly, with efficient movement.

That satisfaction comes with many well known benefits. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that lifting weights has tremendous impact on ones health, improved bone density, cholesterol, blood pressure, reduced fat and lean tissue, increased hormone production and higher metabolism to name a few.

Some of the more obscure benefits directly attributed to the sport of Weightlifting.  

  • The soaring confidence of a beaming 11 year old after their first weightlifting meet when just 6 months previous, they walked with two left feet. You’ve never witnessed such rapid personality development in an adolescent till you’ve spent a few weeks with them after their first meet.  
  • Renewed motivation for the gym, new barbell tricks quickly become addictive!
  • Most don’t realize improved flexibility can be directly attributed to the full range of motion used with the lifts as well as the accessory exercises used to help create efficient movement. While it may be a measurable benefit, it’s certainly not well known.  50 year olds who've not come close to a full split since their teen years, after taking up weightlifting for the first time, with some persistence can eventually regain much of the flexibility of their youth.  The arms eventually can go overhead all the way after dramatic improvements in shoulder mobility. The results can be dramatic!
  • Much like wrestling, Weightlifting is an individual effort with the spot light on the lifter, however if that lifter is on a team, their effort also impacts team ranking in a meet.  The camaraderie and team pride that quickly develops is contagious! Magic happens when a team starts to place well in meets and motivation soars.  If you’ve been part of a team, you’ve experienced personalities gel as they lift together in training for a specific meet, you’ve witnessed relationships that are likely forged for life.

It really feels like the sport of Weightlifting is in it’s infancy stage in and around St. Tammany Parish, it is small but growing with a fever. It is very exciting to be a part of it’s growth and to witness first hand the unmeasurable benefits many are experiencing.  

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Coach Jonny