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Posted: September 7, 2015

Never be anxious about the next day...

Never be anxious about the next day...

My name is Ashley Willie. I am a 29 year old full-time student and Occupational therapsit. I have been doing crossfit for 3 years.Crossfit has changed my life because it’s the one group exercise I have come across that leaves judgment at the door. I can work out at my pace and preform the best I can and not be judged on my outcomes. Crossfit has changed my lifestyle in a way that I now am able to make all around healthier choices for myself. I love that everyday I come into the box I am pushed over my boundaries of comfort and accomplish movements and exercises I never though I could do. I like the support of a personal trainer in-group exercise form. They are always watching and making sure I am doing correct movements while pushing me to be my best to get through a tough WOD. 

The weekend of June 1, 2015 I was helping my boyfriend, Derek Jambon, move to school.  That evening relaxing on couch I had felt tenderness in my right breast.  I didn’t think anything of it...I  just figured I might have a pulled muscle or a strain from lifting furniture all day. About a week later I had still felt soreness along with a new development of a lump. I had called my doctor's office to set up an appointment. My doctor said that it might just be fibrocystic (muscular). She didn’t seem too concerned, but she ordered me an ultrasound just to make sure. Once my results came in, the nurse called me and had told me the results came out normal. I had let the nurse know that I still have a lump and it is was still painful. She had said that there was nothing else their office could do for me and if I believe there was something still there I needed to go see a specialist. I was not happy with this doctor so I called another office and the 2nd doctor’s Nurse Practitioner told me it is definitely not muscular. It was for sure something else and she sent me to a general surgeon whom specializes in breasts. The surgeon ordered another ultrasound and mammogram. The results of those tests showed something was not normal. I was then scheduled for a biopsy. On August 5, 2015 the pathology of that test came back and that was when I was finally diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. 

I felt like I was in a horrible dream. Still not completely believing what was happening around me. The day after being diagnosed I went in for a procedure to get my chemotherapy port put in. Several weeks after that when I woke up in the morning I thought to myself “that was a horrible dream” then I would touched where my port is on my chest and realized it was reality. Now I look at it as “it is what it is and i can’t change it.” Its going to be challenging but I am up for the fight.

I am going to continue to workout at the box. Working out helps me release stress and anxiety. Also, my doctors have told me that the chemo treatments will make me very exhausted and I should try to stay with my normal activity to help fight the fatigue. I had not really experienced the support from the crossfit community until really these past few weeks. All my friends and the coaches at my Franco’s box have all been great in showing me their support and I really appreciate everyone. 

I just want everyone to know to trust your instincts and listen to your body. If you believe there is something not right get another opinion or look for other options. 

Never be anxious about the next day for the next day will have it’s own worries.  Matthew 6:34